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YouTube rolls out new look and first new logo ever


YouTube is officially rolling out its new design to all of its users following a testing period earlier this year. The new design features a tweaked logo and new features to enhance browsing and the overall user experience. 

Cleaner, simpler design

Since it was launched 12 years ago, the Google-owned video sharing website, YouTube has socially revolutionised how we watch, share, upload and comment video content online. Now, for the first time since its creation, the updated website dons a new and improved logo which shifts the emphasis away from the “tube” and onto the familiar play button. Head of YouTube’s art department, Christopher Bettig, said “we have the word tube in a tube. This is weird. No one knows what this is. It’s an evolution, not a revolution.”

No longer a single brand existing only for desktop internet users, the company has faced the challenge of tying together a number of different elements to fit each screen and video format for users on phones, tablets, game consoles and even television sets. And so, alongside the logo launch, the Material Design aesthetic has been released which means there are fewer shadows, boxes and shapes on each page allowing for a more comfortable and readable user experience.

The new design is supposedly cleaner and simpler and additionally comes with a dark mode. For a more eye-friendly experience during nighttime viewing, users can choose to swap out the usual white background of the website for a darkened black version giving for a cinematic experience. The new features also include the ability to jump between previous and next videos by swiping; speeding up and slowing down videos; seamlessly switching the video to match vertical and an enhanced ability to browse and discover whilst watching.

You can check out the new features in the video below.

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