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Why listening to music on your phone could be bad for you


Headphones have, without a doubt, revolutionised our daily lives. They allow to find that place of quiet in your own little bubble. Wearing headphones has become a reflex for many of us. But is it really such a harmless habit?

Think about your hearing

Let’s begin by asking ourselves a simple question: how many times have we increased the volume of our music just to escape from the exhausting brouhaha around us? Of course, listening to our favourite songs while we’re on the train, or after a long day of work is really relaxing, but in these moments, are we really paying attention to our hearing?

Studies all over the world have shown that the use of mobile phones and headphones to listen to music is a widespread worrying habit amongst 15 to 18 year olds and is now starting to extend to other age groups as well. We are sorry to tell you that this apparently harmless behaviour could have devastating consequences on our health. Just turning up the volume in public transportation or wearing our headphone too often can provoke irreversible consequences on our hearing. It’s no coincidence that cases of hearing loss in young adults has drastically increased over the past decades.

So be responsible, enjoy your music but learn how to protect your ears. Turn down the volume when wearing headphones, and if you’re at a concert, always bring your earplugs with you.



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