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“Street Livin'”: Black Eyed Peas go back to basics on new single


Releasing their first new original track in seven years, The Black Eyed Peas are back and things just got political. Does this signal an album on the horizon?

“Street Livin'”

Easing us into their comeback is a maxed-out melancholic jazz sax instrumental that launches Black Eyed Peas into their flow. “Street Livin'” sees, and Tabloo deliver on a socially engaged and powerfully sullen tone. 

Exploring prison, immigration, gun violence and police brutality, “Street Livin'” is a hard-hitting release for the trio who haven’t released any new music as a collective since their 2010 album, “The Beginning”. The band announced last year that Fergie would be taking a break to work on her solo career. She released her second album, “Double Dutchess” in September last year.

With a huge string of global hits from 2003’s “Where Is the Love?” to “Pump It” from their fourth album, “Monkey Business”, we might just allow ourselves to be a little optimistic in thinking that there could be an album on the horizon for this year. We’ll keep you in the loop.

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