Sunday07 Jul 2024
Saint Paul, US
Xcel Energy Center

We look for the tickets for you. We book the tickets for you.

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Very high demand event
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Attend your dream event and never miss an event again!

Following your request, we proceed to booking your tickets via ticket offices, official ticketing websites or directly via the organisers of the event.

Whether you are in a hurry, stressed, unavailable, uninformed, late... getting a ticket for an event has never been so easy and efficient with Alex.

You have a better chance of getting your tickets with Alex than alone.

  • Forget about the queue and ticketing issues
  • No need to be available when the tickets are release
  • No stress, no pressure. 100% Official Tickets.
  • The earlier you book, the higher your priority and the cheaper the service
  • Cancel at any time. Get 100% refund if no tickets available
  • The best tickets available at the time of purchase.

Answers to all your questions

How is the price fixed?

The cost of the mandate is set according to the expected difficulty of booking your tickets.

Are the seats next to each other?

Places in the same order are always side by side

Can I cancel my order?

The right of withdrawal is not applicable because the search for your seats begins as soon as the order is confirmed.

Can I call on a mediator?

For any request for redress, you can use the free mediation service

Clients Reviews

based on 81 verified reviews

castanerGénial , Thank you for your Excellent Working, Granting my prayers to Celebrate Madonna's Tour in Barcelona, my queen of the pop ." Your simply the best like the Tina's ...
LilActually my ticket is sold out and thanks to Alex got my ticket, Alex a live saver 😭 but I’m still waiting my ticket through post. they said they gonna send within 3 working ...
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