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Say hello to the “hot-dog filter” on your favourite album covers


This Snapchat filter has gone viral. You have probably all received or sent at least once a picture with the eccentric hot-dog filter. Guess what, it has now invaded the covers of our favorite albums. From Drake to David Bowie, hot-dogs are everywhere.

Rediscover your favourite covers, the hot-dog way

This is quite an unexpected trend that has taken over the internet for the past few weeks. You have certainly heard of the dancing hot-dog filter on Snapchat, well it’s everywhere now. The filter was used in many parodies, first on Twitter when a user uploaded a clip featuring the dancing hot-dog suddenly moved away by a shopping cart passing by. The clip was retweeted more than seventy thousand times and contributed to this trend.

Now, our favorite dancing hot-dog has invaded the music world, and has made its way on the covers of our favourite albums. From Nirvana to Kendrick Lamar, these artists’ iconic album covers are now transformed with this hilarious filter. Here are some of the funniest covers that were shared on the internet these past few days.








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