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Pride Anthem: “Proud” the new cover of “Shape of You” by Chika


With this new remix of “Shape of You”, Jane Oranika alias Chika accomplishes the mission of passing a message of love and tolerance becoming the new anthem of the LGTB+.

The new cover becoming a real anthem

Since the release of his last album Divide, Ed Sheeran continues to increase his success and one of the hits of the album is now the renowned “Shape of You”. This time for the Pride month, an American rapper Jane Oranika has cover the international hit and has turned it into an anthem for the LGBT+ community. The intention here is to pass a message of love and tolerance as self-confidence and to learn to accept ourselves as we are. At the age of twenty years old, the young woman has been inspired by her love for the community and the words of the song reflect it clearly:

“I will not be ashamed/ This is just who I am, who I was ment to be/ Right here I stand/ I’m out on my two feet/ No you will not tear me down/ No, my heart will not be bound/ Sing it loud, sing it loud, I’m proud.”

The young rapper from Alabama has published an extract of her cover untitled “Proud” on Twitter which went viral really quickly. We still don’t know if Ed Sheeran has heard it, but the result is stunning. With good aspirations she says:

“I wanted to incorporate this part of my life to my music and inspire others. I want to use my music to recall the issues of the society, I’m definitely going to be remaking song like this one. I think it’s necessary.


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