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OneRepublic cover “Champagne Supernova” and it’s nothing special


In a clear bid to keep themselves present in the industry, OneRepublic have covered the Oasis classic, “Champagne Supernova” as part of Spotify’s exclusive channel “Music Happens Here”. 

Copied to the note

In March this year, music streaming giant Spotify launched “Music Happens Here”, an exclusive channel which aims to draw connections between iconic cities and venues and explores how local culture has inspired music through history. Teaming up with the mega hotel chain, Hilton, they put on private intimate events with artists in different cities performing exclusive covers and Spotify then puts it all together in a video and releases the song. All sounds good in principle. 

However. The latest “London” episode which was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios features American band OneRepublic covering the mythic Mancunian band, Oasis. It just doesn’t add up.

What’s more, OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder doesn’t add anything to the 1996 original. His interpretation of Liam Gallagher is well, a very good impression of exactly that. The guitar riffs are copied to the note and Tedder mimics the same croak of Gallagher’s voice. A bit of a disappointment for what is originally, an Oasis belter. Take a listen, if you must, just below.

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