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One Republic connection, the finally unveiled clip


OneRepublic, the famous American rock band from Colorado Springs, has just revealed his very recent clip, his latest opus, Connexion, these days.

An incredible ascent

OneRepublic owes his first successes to his meeting with Timbaland. Thanks to the brilliant remix of the title “Apologie”, the producer has seriously launched the American pop-rock band career. Initially, in 2002, OneRepublic is the meeting of two musicians from Colorado Springs (Colorado): Ryan Tedder (vocals, piano, guitar) and Zach Filkins (guitar). Once in Los Angeles, the two accomplices welcomed Drew Brown (keyboards), Brent Kutzle (bass) and Eddie Fisher (drums). It was without counting on the web magic, spotted on Myspace, the band signed on Mosley Music Group, the famous producer Timbaland label. The latter also appeared on his own album “Shock Value”, his remix of the band’s single, “Apologize”. The result is a planetary success that launches the group’s career at full speed, the five got a quintuple platinum disk in the United States with more than 5 million sold copies ! In 2013, OneRepublic entered directly into the top 10 of the US charts thanks to their third album, “Native”. A world tour in 2014 followed. After the release of the album “Oh My My” in 2016, they were back in April 2017 with a new single, “No Vacancy”.

An engaged summer clip

OneRepublic finally reveals the Connection clip recently. Two months ago, OneRepublic offered his public a brand new single created for the summer season. The fans had to be patient to discover the accompanying clip, shot at the Oculus in New York. Connection is a summer title, perfect for long summer days but it is also a real alarm signal. Yes, Ryan Tedder is here looking for a human connection. We are not going to lie, nowadays it is more difficult to connect, humanly speaking, to others. Digital Age ! Would the group enhance this pressed society that does not allow enough time for human relations ? In the clip, Tedder, Solitaire, in search of connection is lost in the midst of a mass of young executives. These people are more concerned about their screen than what they have around them. The group leader of the group unnoticed until he crosses the look of the dancer, too, trying to attract attention. We go from black, white, monochrome, to a palette of colours. In fact, Ryan Tedder is an adept of subtle messages and is not afraid to engage.

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