Listen to the new version of With Or Without You, by U2

U2 just shared a new version for their hit ‘With Or Without You’, which was initially released in 1987 on their fifth album, The Joshua Tree. Alex has all the details.

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Listen to the new version of With Or Without You, by U2

‘With Or Without’ you: bare and acoustic version

For this second peek at their new album Songs Of Surrender, U2 chose to remain close to the original version of the song. It still holds a good dose of melancholia, but the instruments are quieter. Bono’s voice sings in a barer environment, and frankly, this versions gives goose bumps. You can listen to it below.

The song initially arrived in March of 1987. It was part of the tracklist featured on U2’s fifth album, The Joshua Tree. The album topped the charts in U2’s native Ireland, the US and Canada, while also cracking the Top Five in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Finland, New Zealand and Spain. It remains one of the band’s most successful albums to this day.

U2: new album with 40 reinvented songs this spring

U2 have announced a new compilation album called Songs Of Surrender. The album, due out in March 2023, bears a name very similar to U2’s frontman memoir book Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, which he published in October 2022. The album will feature “reimagined and re-recorded” tracks, including some of their most iconic anthems. The Edge stated that the band wanted to bring their old songs into the present day by giving them “a 21st-century reimagining”.

In mid-January, U2 dropped the first taste lifted from their forthcoming album. A pop ballad version of ‘Pride (In The Name Od Love)’. The band chose to give it a breezy vide, far from the heavier tone it originally bore. The original version of ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ arrived back in September 1984. It appeared on U2′ s fourth album The Unforgettable Fire. The album peaked at number 3 in the UK charts at the time, making it one of the band’s most successful record.

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