Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott team up on Down In Atlanta: listen

Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott have today (November 18) released a new collaborative song titled ‘Down In Atlanta’. Listen to it with Alex.

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Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott team up on Down In Atlanta: listen

Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott join forces again

It is not the first time the pair teams up to work on some music. Pharrell Williams gave Scott a hand on ‘Flying High’, a track lifted from his record Rodeo (2015). He also joined The Weekend on Scott’s ‘SKELETONS’, lifted from his 2018 album Astroworld. ‘Down In Atlanta’ marks the duo’s third collaboration.

‘Down In Atlanta’ arrives after several hints and announcements. Both artists shared teasers on their social medial channels last month. Scott even aired it live during his Las Vegas Road to Utopia residency in September 2022. Williams as well as Scott have announced upcoming album, but neither has confirmed if ‘Down In Atlanta’ was meant to be featured on a record, or if it’ll be a standalone single.

Pharrell Williams shared the title of his third solo album Phriends earlier this month. If he did not say anything about ‘Down In Atlanta’, he yet revealed that it will feature a collaboration with K-pop band BTS. A release date for ‘Phriends’ has yet to be announced.

Scott comes back on the stages

Scott, meanwhile, has been teasing Utopia, the follow up to his Astroworld. In addition to ‘Down In Atlanta’, the rapper has previewed potential Utopia cuts which feature Kid Cudi. In 2021, Scott said his upcoming fourth studio album arose from “working with some new people and trying to expand the sound.”

He recently stated that the album was named after Bjork’s new album Utopia. “She’s one of my biggest inspirations for why I do what I do,” he said while performing at the inaugural Chile edition of Primavera Sound festival last week . “I’m so glad to be able to perform in front of her today. Björk, I fucking love you so motherfucking much – everybody make some motherfucking noise.”

Scott has been returning to perform live this year. The artist had taken a break from live performances following a human crush tragedy at his Houston Astroworld concert in November 2023. Last May, the rapper returned with an appearance at 2022’s Billboard Music Awards.

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