Watch TOMORROW X TOGETHER explore an island in their new music video

TOMORROW X TOGETHER have dropped a new music video for their track ‘Sugar Rush Ride’. Their new EP The Name Chapter: Temptation arrived last Friday, Alex has the details.

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Watch TOMORROW X TOGETHER explore an island in their new music video

TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Watch music video for ‘Sugar Rush Ride’

Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT have released their new EP as well as a brand new music video for the title track. ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ sees the band waking up on the beach of an island and go to explore their surroundings. Their first find flowers, before winding up surrounded by butterflies. They then take a walk in a tropical forest, find a water fall and enter a cave.

The scenes are peppered with dance breaks where the bands once more displays their choreographic abilities. ‘Suger Rush Ride’ is the title track of TXT’s new EP The Name Chapter: Temptation. The band teased the EP a few weeks ago via their agency Big Hit Music. You can watch the video below.

Prior to the release, TXT held a press conference which saw them explain the creative process behind ‘Sugar Rush Ride’. The band revealed that they employed elements of pansori (a Korean genre of traditional musical storytelling) in the concept for the song. This reminds of the video teaser they released upon announcing the EP back in December 2022.

“We made a lot of new attempts this time, fusing different elements in an unfamiliar way,” said member Hueningkai said, per The Korea Times. “We used some parts of Chunhyangga [one of five surviving pansori narrative forms from the Joseon dynasty] in our lyrics and featured the movements of Korean traditional dance in our choreography.”

TXT: fans are waiting on a 2023 tour after the release of the new album

Sadly the press conference didn’t drift towards the subject of a tour for 2023. The fans are waiting though! The band went on their debut world tour last spring but only visited North America. The tour was the band’s very first as all their previous performance were in SOuth Korea and with no fans cheering them on due to the restrictions imposed by the CIVID-19 pandemic.

Since their tour, the band have released Minisode: Thursday’ Child, a mini-album in May 2022. With their new record, it makes it two albums they now have to share on stage with the fans! Don’t miss your chance to go to one of their next concerts: anticipate now and pre-save tickets thanks to Alex’s special service. Pre-book a ticket with us and let us automatically get the actual ticket when the tour dates are announced. Booking the most sought-after events has never been so simple with Alex.

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