Stromae performs “L’Enfer” live on french TV

Hey, Stromae fans ! The singer performed a thrilling rendition of his newest single, “L’Enfer”, on French TV. You definitely have to watch it ! Alex tells you everything in this article. Get ready for the goosebumps !

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Stromae performs “L’Enfer” live on french TV

Stromae : the most awaited comeback

Stromae became an instant international sensation with his album Racine Carrée, back in 2013. The Belgian singer and songwriter came up with a one-of-a-kind mix of electronic music, and powerful lyrics. As a french-language speaker, he attracted an amazing follow-up in France, Belgium, and Québec. His music transcended the language borders, though, and he was able to also become incredibly popular worldwide. It’s not every day that a foreign-language singer becomes a celebrity abroad !

Some eight years later, we finally have a new album to listen to ! In October 2021, Stromae released Multitude, and it took the entire world by storm ! The album is praised for its incredible instrumentals, but also once again for the incredible craftsmanship in the lyrics. Translation unfortunately doesn’t allow you to grasp the full brio of his poetry, but Alex still recommends you to try it !

Stromae blows the mind of the French audience with “L’Enfer”

Stromae released Multitude alongside the single Santé. The single topped the charts in many countries. It has been praised for its odd time signature, something way too rare in pop music these days.

And he is now back with a new single ! L’Enfer (“Hell” in French) is a very personal and sad song about dark thoughts and suicide. It’s definitely not a song you will hear in a nightclub, but it’s a beautiful one nonetheless !

The supporting music video has been released on January 12th, and already cumulates more than 5,5 million views on YouTube. But what really blew everyone’s mind is this pure and magical live version the singer performed live on French TV. The first half of the video is a very interesting interview of the singer explaining his path, and the meaning of the song. Just watch it already !

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