Steve Lacy interrupts Melbourne concert to address safety concerns

Stampede in Melbourne before and during a Steve Lacy performance have caused uproar among fans. Lacy even had to stop the show several times to calm down the crowd. Alex has details.

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Steve Lacy interrupts Melbourne concert to address safety concerns

Steve Lacy in Mebourne: mayhem at the show

Things could have been worse, and it seems we were never really far away from an actual disaster. As Steve Lacy performed a sold-out show the John Cain Arena on Tuesday night (November 22), stampede and crowd crushes spoiled the show.

Fans reported a “stampede” that took place, and blamed venue operators and security for what they called a “poorly organised” and “dangerous” situation. Long lines spilled out from the venue for hours before doors opened, and when they did, large groups of fans reportedly rushed inside. Footage and pictures were posted on social media, showing large crowds that amassed outside the venue.

Fans also reported that Lacy had to interrupt the show several times to ask everyone to calm down and step back from the stage. In a video shared on TikTok, one attendee said she “saw [people] get stomped on, couldn’t breathe, security did nothing, there was literal riots [trying to] get in”.

Steve Lacy in Australia to showcase new album Gemini Rights

Lacy travelled to Australia as part of his world tour in support of latest album Gemini Rights.The Australia leg of the tour had scheduled the Melbourne show to take place at the Forum. Yet, demand for tickets was so high that Lacy decided to upgrade the venue to accommodate more people. The organizers set to move the concert to John Cain Arena.

All was all right then, with the crowd anticipated. But when things stated to get practical and that actual people showed up, it did quite go as planned. Melbourne and Olympic Parks, who own and operate the John Cain Arena, said that they would be reviewing their entry process for general admission events in the wake of the event.

Lacy will perform in London in December. He has scheduled a show at London Roundhouse and hopefully, no such mess will be reported then. It seems that many fans didn’t enjoy their concert as much as they should have and we can also guess that Lacy has the show spoilt by the events.

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