Muse goes extra heavy in “Won’t Stand Down”

Hey, Muse fans ! The band has finally released their highly anticipated single “Won’t Stand Down”, and it was totally worth the wait ! Alex tells you everything about it, and about their potential future projects.

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Muse goes extra heavy in “Won’t Stand Down”

Muse : the new single “Won’t Stand Down” is here !

They have teased it for a while, and here it is ! Muse released their newest single Won’t Stand Down on January 13th. And boy, it is heavy ! We already had a good glimpse at it a few days ago, with an excerpt posted over the social media. We now have the supporting music video.

Surprisingly, Won’t Stand Down is a very intense and heavy song. Forget about their pop side, they are back with distorted riffs ! Matt Bellamy’s voice is still here to smooth out everything, but it’s only to go back heavier right after. A pure banger !

Clearly, Muse didn’t spare any expense for their newest video ! It is somehow quite reminiscent of the work of The Weeknd, as it is pretty dark and tinted in blue. They go the extra mile by borrowing into the horror film tropes, and a dark and gloomy atmosphere. 

Muse : any new announcement to come ?

Now that we have this new single, and new video, we can only wonder what’s coming next from Muse. Especially with this new music video ! Are they about to create a filmic continuum, like The Weeknd ? Is it only a one-off ?

The biggest question is obviously to know when the new album will be announced. Because, let’s be honest, we all want a sequel to Simulation Theory ! Under the working title LP9, the album should be released this year. And what about a Tour ? Well, we will still have to wait a bit for it… Alex keeps an eye on the news for you !

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