League of Legends : Riot Games announce a North American Tour for the 2022 Worlds

Hey, League of Legends fans ! As the Worlds 2021 ended this month, Riot Games is already announcing the cities of the 2022 edition of the international competition ! Alex gives you all the details in this article.

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League of Legends : Riot Games announce a North American Tour for the 2022 Worlds

League of Legends Worlds 2021 : The EDward Gaming team wins !

The League of Legends Worlds Championships 2021 have come to an end this November 6th at Reykjavík. And what a show ! We have been many watching the livestream this year. Riot Games estimated that this edition had 60% more audience compared to last year. This is proof that esport is getting really big, especially since the lockdown.

The Chinese team EDward Gaming won the competition in a very, very tight final game against the Koran team DAMWON Gaming. After a solid start, the game balanced in favour of the Korean, before a massive turning of events. EDward became unstoppable, and ended up being the proud winners of their first World. Unfortunately, there was no crowd to applaud them, as the show was only live streamed due to health regulations. But next year should be well different…

League of Legends : the North American cities unveiled for the Worlds 2022

The League of Legends Worlds 2021 have just ended, and Riot Games is already announcing the 2022 edition ! This time, the international competition won’t be set in China, as it is the tradition, nor in Europe, but in North America !

Riot Games will set the play-in stages at Mexico City’s LLA Competition Arena. Then the competition will move to New York City’s Hulu Theatre for the group stage and quarterfinals. Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena will then host the semifinals. The finals will be played at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Be prepared for a huge event ! For now, we still don’t have the dates of the events. But be sure that Alex keeps an eye on it for you !

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