Kid Cudi shares track list for new album Entergalactic, movie drops on September 30

Kid Cudi has unveiled the full track list for his upcoming eighth studio album, Entergalactic. The album arrives on September 30, alongside with the artist’s animated movie. See Alex for details.

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Kid Cudi shares track list for new album Entergalactic, movie drops on September 30

Kid Cudi: an eighth album and a Netflix animated movie

Kid Cudi published the whole track list for his new album Entergalactic. The visual that serves as the list’s background uses the same effects as the animated movie of the same name the artist has been working on. Both the album and the movie are dropping on Friday, September 30.

The link between the two is strong. The album bears tracks used in the movie while the movie’s visuals are used in the album’s artwork. Cudi first talked about Entergalactic (the cartoon) in 2019, but presented it as a full series project. It is now a 92-minute Netflix movie that is linked in many ways to Cudi’s new album.

Cudi – aka Scott Mescudi – put a lot of love and energy into the Entergalactic project. He most notably called it “greatest achievement”. Introducing it on his social media he stated “This project will move you, it will take your heart places and make you fall in love again. I am so proud of every single person involved who helped bring my vision to life.”

Kid Cudi on tour in Europe and the UK in November 2023

Kid Cudi is headlining The O2 on November 15, 2022. The tickets have been available for a while and if you haven’t booked your, you might hit a closed door. Yet, Alex can handle your booking and help you out even if the event is sold out.

The London concert comes in the middle of a list of scheduled Europe dates. He’ll kick off in Berlin on November 12 and will carry on in Amsterdam on November 13 before arriving in London for his show on the 15. Find the full list of concerts here or at the end of the article and try booking your ticket if not done already!

All the details for Kid Cudi’s 2022 UK date

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15 – London, UK The O2

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