Joanne McNally returns in 2023 with the Prosecco Express show!

Joanne McNally sold out her 2022 London shows, but she’ll be back in 2023 to top up the bill! The tickets for her performance at Eventim Apollo in May go on sale tomorrow, Alex has details!

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Joanne McNally returns in 2023 with the Prosecco Express show!

Joanne McNally in London next year: get tickets now!

The stand-up comedian sold out all her UK gigs this year, especially those in London, whose tickets disappeared so quickly it felt they never went on sale. But as Eventim’s Twitter said, FEAR NOT, as she is coming back in 2023. Joanne McNally will headline the London venue on May 10, 2023.

The tickets are going on sale on Friday, November 25 at 10AM! Sign up with Alex right now and we will get your tickets first hand on Friday when the tickets are available! Get into the Porsecco Express and spend a night out laughing yourself out!

Joanne McNally: the art of bouncing back when a show turns weird

Joanne McNally just wrapped up a tour in Ireland and the UK and recently opened up about an incident the occurred while she was performing in Belfast in October. Halfway into the show, she was interrupted by a member of the audience who told her her period had started.

McNally quickly checked if it was true, but seeing nothing, she dismissed the woman, only to realize at the end of the show that the woman was indeed right. If she felt bad to have sent away someone who just wanted to help, the comedian said this interruption had kind of broken the magic and ruined the show: “My head was completely out of the game. The room got really weird and there was a weird tension. It was embarrassing. Not in a menstruation way — it just took the shine off what I wanted to be a good show.”

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