GOT7 member Jackson Wang drops new single and new album: watch

GOT7 members are very active this month! Jackson Wang is returning with a new music video that announced a whole new album. Alex has all the details, find out more!

By Alexandra Reymond  - Updated  

GOT7 member Jackson Wang drops new single and new album: watch

After JAY B, Jackson Wang on the news with new music

Jackson Wang released his new album on September 9! Magic Man, his second solo album, follows up to 2019’s Mirrors. The record arrived on Friday, September 9, but was preceded by several singles that Wang dropped over the past few months. ‘Cruel’ and ‘Blow’ arrived a few months ago.

Now that the album is out, Alex is watching closely: we’re all expecting some kind of tour dates now, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as anything comes up!

Just yesterday, another GOT7 member announced his return: JAY B teased a new single ‘Go uP’ in a snippet of a stylish music video very 90s style. He announced his own new album Be Yourself (sophomore record for him too) would arrive next week.

GOT7 reuniting after departure from JYP?

At least, they gathered again once. Although almost all of GOT7 are working on solo projects (which are quite successful) the band reunited in May to release a self-titled 12th Korean-language EP. The record, led by title track ‘NANANA’, was the group’s first official comeback as a unit after their departure from JYP Entertainment.

Aside from the band’s activity, the guys are doing pretty well on their own. After releasing a single in June 2022, Mark Tuan shared a whole album at the end of August 2022. He has also announced a North American tour, although the dates and places remain unknown at this point.

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