Foo Fighters unveil the trailer of the film “Studio 666”

Hey, Foo Fighters fans ! The band will soon hit the silver screen with the film “Studio 666”, born from Dave Grohl’s mind. Alex gives you all the details on this horror comedy flick !

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Foo Fighters unveil the trailer of the film “Studio 666”

Foo Fighters : a year since “Medicine at Midnight”

In February 2021, Foo Fighters were releasing their tenth album, Medicine at Midnight, to great success. Alex was telling you about it, praising its energy. The album wasn’t without any disappointment, though, as some of the tracks were clearly on the weak side, and the overall lacked a bit of coherence. Nonetheless, this was a great record that managed to hit the top 3 Billboard. This also allows them to be nominated for the upcoming Grammy Awards, in the Best Rock Album category. Did we really expect less ?

Let’s also not forget their hilarious – yet incredibly good – mock band Dee Gees, covering the Bee Gees classics. Some 28 years after their formation, Foo Fighters are still on top of the game !

Foo Fighters : Studio 666 releasing soon

Since their beginnings in 1994, Foo Fighters have been closely related to comedy and cinema. They are close friends of Jack Black’s Tenacious D, and have been producing some exquisite and hilarious music videos. How to forget Everlong ?

For the first time ever, the band will become the centre of a full-length film, called Studio 666. In this film, the band plays itself, about to record their new album in a haunted mansion. Unfortunately, Dave Grohl ends up being possessed by a demonic entity, whilst everyone else starts getting killed. Next to the Foos, Studio 666 will feature Jenna Ortega, Will Forte, Jeff Garlin, Leslie Grossman, and even Lionel Ritchie ! The film is set to hit the theatres on February 25th in the US. There is still no official release date in the UK. Alex will keep an eye on it for you !

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