Dua Lipa denies performing at the Qatar world cup while several stars turn down spots

Dua Lipa addressed quite openly the rumors that said she was to perform at 2022’s Football World Cup. She stated the country didn’t meets her standards regarding human rights. Other stars also think so. Alex has details.

By Alexandra Reymond  - Updated  

Dua Lipa denies performing at the Qatar world cup while several stars turn down spots

Dua Lipa rules out performing at the Qatar World Cup

The message is quite clear. The international pop star denied any claim that she was to perform at this year’s World Cup held in Qatar. “There is currently a lot of speculation that I will be performing at the opening ceremony of the world cup in Qatar. I will not be performing and nor have I ever been involved in any negotiation to perform,” she said on her social media, adding: “I will be cheering England on from afar and I look forward to visiting Qatar when it has fulfilled all the human rights pledges it made when it won the right to host the World Cup.”

Qatar has been watched closely since it was appointed to organize 2022’s World Cup. Environmental carelessness, energy-consuming buildings and poor working conditions are the main issues pointed out by the other countries. Football fans are also pretty mad such a narrow-minded country regarding LGBTQ+ rights got to set up such a huge event.

Several music artist turn down spot to perform

According to articles published by Time in the US and The Guardian in the UK, Dua Lipa isn’t the only one taking issues with Qatar. Rod Stewart also turned down a million-dollar offer to perform in the country last year. “It’s not right to go,” he said. Ex Spice girl Melanie C also said she felt “very uncomfortable” showing support for Qatar considering the nation’s treatment of gay people.

Meanwhile, her ex-bandmate’s husband David Beckham is acting as the event’s ambassador and meets a lot of backlash from the gay community, which always saw his as a support.

On the other hand, several music heavyweights confirmed they were attending the event as performers. The FIFA Fan Festival will see performances coming from Sean Paul and Clean Bandit. Rumors also have Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas performing but neither artists have confirmed or denied yet. K-pop star Jungkook also confirmed to play in the opening ceremony alongside Robbie Williams. The event will kick off at the Al Bayt Stadium in Doha.

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