Depeche Mode will make a surprise announcement on October 4

Thanks to Depeche Mode, we’ve all got our blood pressure rising and our hearts pounding hard. The band is hinting some kind of announcement for next week, Alex gives you the details.

By Alexandra Reymond  - Updated  

Depeche Mode will make a surprise announcement on October 4

Depeche Mode: New music? An Album? A 2023 tour?

Whether you’re a true fan or just curious, you’ve got to admit this cryptic post on the band’s social media has drawn your curiosity. It shows a poor quality picture of a console, probably from a recording studio. The picture bears a date, typed in a big red font (you know, in case you’d miss it) right in the middle. It says ‘4.10.22’, understand October 4 2022, without any other information.

What are Depeche Mode plotting? A couple of weeks ago, Dave Gahan et Martin Gore confirmed they had made it back to the studios and were working on new music. The expected result is a 15th Depeche Mode album for some time next year. Rumors are also whispering things about a tour but no one has confirmed anything yet, and the two remaining members of the band haven’t said much since.

The band mourning but honoring their friend’s legacy

The band suffered a great and unexpected loss in May 2022, when founding member and keyboardist Andy Fletcher died. Fletcher suffered an aortic dissection and died at age 60, with no warning sign. The event was so sudden that Former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder stated that learning of Fletcher’s death was “a real bolt from the blue”.

Left grieving, the two remaining members yet stated they had “stability in what we know and love, and focusing on what gives life meaning and purpose” in a recent post on their social media, hinting they were not done with music.

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