Depeche Mode are back with new music and probably a tour

Iconic British band Depeche Mode are about the release new music, a few months after the loss of their founding member. Alex has all the details and has heard a tour is in preparation.

By Alexandra Reymond  - Updated  

Depeche Mode are back with new music and probably a tour

Depeche Mode are back in studios after Andy Fletcher’s passing away

Depeche Mode recently indicated that the two remaining members of the act (Dave Gahan et Martin Gore) are back into studio te record new music and make a 15th album. The news comes in four months after the announcement of Andrew Fletcher’s death. Fletcher died aged 60 from an aortic dissection, leaving the band in shock and grieving.

Yet, the remaining members now seem to have gathered themselves and to want to honor their friend’s legacy. Subsequently, they reported back to studio and posted a picture on Instagram, captioning “finding stability in what we know and love, and focusing on what gives life meaning and purpose”.

The band on a new album and a tour for 2023?

All the fans are anticipating a new album from the band. Their last record Spirit, arrived back in 2017 and Depeche Mode had not released anything since. The album had matched with a huge worldwide tour, the biggest the band ever undertook, performing 130 concerts. During the summer 2017, the band played to more than 3 million fans in total.

Well, their yet-to-be-confirmed next tour might not be as massive, but it’ll sure be worth it. Alex will keep you updated, whether it is a new single or tour dates, stay tuned on our news page!

The album they might announce soon will be the 15th of their incredible career. Their very first release was 1981’s Speak & Spell, which celebrated its 40-year anniversary last year.

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