Coldplay releases their new single, Higher Power, from the International Space Station

After teasing for months their upcoming album, Coldplay finally releases the first single “Higher Power” ! And boy do they know how to announce a new title ! Alex keeps you up to date on this new release, and what to expect next from the band !

By Stéphane Bernault  - Updated  

Coldplay releases their new single, Higher Power, from the International Space Station

Spreading Higher Power from the ISS

Coldplay has been teasing its fanbase with cyphers for a while now, preparing the release of its forthcoming ninth studio album, supposedly called “Music of the Spheres. Not many details have been shared except really cryptic ones that fans worldwide passionately theorized about. On the 4th of March, the band shared an excerpt from the chorus of their new single “Higher Power” to tease even harder the audience. If it was hinted recently that the band would release their new song on the 7th of May, no one expected them to make the announcement...from space ! Coldplay teamed up with the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet to announce the release of “Higher Power, via a link-up transmission with the International Space Station. The catchy song has some great synthwave vibes, perfect for the summer ! Coldplay also released the official music video, featuring the alien symbols we have seen in their previous cyphers, as well as holograms of dancing aliens. No doubt that the choreography will go viral on TikTok !

Coldplay live : a long awaited announcement

We still don’t know for sure when “Music of the Spheres” will be released. As for the supporting Tour for the upcoming album, the band has been pretty quiet about it. Maybe that all the information is already available in yet another cypher ? We still think that this lack of announcement is due to the pandemic situation still running all over the world. Alex will obviously keep you informed as soon as he has some tips ! In the meantime, it is strongly advised to pre-book your tickets through the platform Next Concert, as to be sure to get them as soon as they are released !

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