BTS at LA SoFi Stadium : ARMY is angry at Ticketmaster

Hey BTS fans ! This may be the saddest news of the year for ARMY. The tickets for the band’s SoFi Stadium gigs have all sold out…before the general audience sale ! Many are complaining about greedy scalpers, and are blaming the official reseller, Ticketmaster, for the situation. Alex tell you more about it below. 

By Julien Marca  - Updated  

BTS at LA SoFi Stadium : ARMY is angry at Ticketmaster

BTS : the most awaited SoFi Stadium events

BTS have been awaited for a long, long time by ARMY. The fanbase is getting stronger in the West since titles such as Butter (Remix) ft. Megan Thee Stallion, and more recently the collaborative track My Universe with Coldplay

It has been more than two years since BTS didn’t perform live on stage. This is obviously due to the global pandemic. They even had to postpone, then cancel altogether their Map of the Soul World Tour. You can therefore imagine that with the announcement of 4 shows in LA’s SoFi Stadium, everyone was overexcited, including Alex ! Unfortunately, before even reaching the day of general sale, all tickets for the events were all but gone

Ticketmaster responsible for BTS concert issues ?

Imagine that : 210 000 tickets for BTS’ show sold before going on general sale. Sure, there has been a presale for verified fans, but still ! ARMY has been really quick to blame Ticketmaster, the official ticket reseller, for the fiasco. Are they really to blame ? Well, in a way, yes.

Obviously, Ticketmaster is not holding back tickets to raise the price, they are really gone and sold. But to whom ? Many accuse the platform not to care about whom they sell the tickets to, and in which quantity. They incite therefore “scalpers” to bulk-buy the precious tickets and sell them for crazy prices.

Some of ARMY took things in their own hands to try and expose these scalpers. As for Ticketmaster, they are very quiet about the issue…So now, what’s next ? This is certainly bad publicity for the online reseller, which may lose contracts in the future. Do not mess up with ARMY !

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