BTS : the band exempted from military service ?

Hey, BTS fans ! A major political decision concerning the band is taking place this week in Korea. Will the Bangtan Boys be exempted from military service, or will they have to put a halt to their fame within the next few years ? Alex gives you more details in this article. 

By Julien Marca  - Updated  

BTS : the band exempted from military service ?

BTS : Korea’s pride

BTS is nothing but impressive on the international music scene. The Bangtan Boys have just received three American Music Awards, and are expected to receive more nods at the Grammy Awards on January 31st, 2022. 

ARMY is now global, and everything the band touches seems to transform into gold. This popularity has massive consequences for their home country, Korea. Their fame has helped shine a light on other K-Pop bands, but also on Korean culture in general. Would we have Squid Game in the West if we didn’t have BTS ? Alex doubts that ! And we are not the only ones…

BTS and K-Pop artists to receive military exemption ?

The “BTS Case” is a major political debate in Korea. Indeed, every able man in the country is required to do a military service lasting 18 to 22 months. They must oblige before they reach 28 years old. The band already had a special treatment, as the government allowed Jin to postpone his military service until he turned 30. 

Right now, the discussion is about exempting (almost) entirely pop artists from military service, if their art is promoting Korea on the global scale. They would instead have to follow a basic military service, and 544 hours of community service over 34 months.

This would put them under the same status as classical musicians and athletes, for which it is already the case. We should know this week the definitive answer on BTS’ military service, which could allow them to keep touring even after turning 30 years old. Alex will keep you informed on the decision !

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