BTS : Their K-Drama “Youth” has finished its production phase !

Hey, BTS fans ! The extended universe of the band is getting bigger ! The K-Drama based on the band members is now moving to post-production, meaning that we are close to watch it ! Alex gives you more details in this article.

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BTS : Their K-Drama “Youth” has finished its production phase !

BTS : The stage is not enough !

Is the stage not enough for BTS ? Apparently, the world is not enough neither ! The K-Pop band have been absolutely omnipresent the past years. Obviously, they are superstars in their home country, Korea. But more recently, the Bangtan Boys have proven to be worldwide icons too ! After the massive success of their hit Dynamite, BTS teamed up with the Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion for the remix of their song Butter.

They then did their most massive featuring yet, My Universe, with British band Coldplay. The boys have just received three American Music Awards, which is quite impressive for a foreign group. Their popularity in the US is not going to be tamed anytime soon, as they are about to perform a string of concerts at the famous SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. But they are not done yet, they also want to conquer the audiovisual world !

BTS’ K-Drama “Youth” coming up soon !

BTS is already king in the entertainment, even outside the music industry. The band has its own webtoon, Save Me, which is part of the BTS Universe, or BU. Their mobile game BTS Universe Story and the music video for I Need You are also part of the same fictional extended universe revolving around the Bangtan Boys. And it’s getting bigger !

The production company Chorokbaem Media have announced on November 22nd that the series Youth was now going into post-production. This K-Drama will follow a fictive version of the boy band, in their maturing and evolution. The Bangtan Boys themselves won’t play in the series, except most probably some cameo roles. Youth will feature Koran star actors Seo Ji-hun, Ro Jong-hyun, An Ji-ho, Seo Young-ju, Kim Yun-woo, Jung Woo-jin and Jeon Jin-seo.

For the moment, we do not have a release date, as the fans have already shared their concerns about the quality of the series. The production company has therefore delayed the filming and release to make the series better. Youth will be available on a global streaming platform, though no name has been announced yet. Count on Alex to keep you informed !

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