Bruce Springsteen announces four dates in the UK for 2023

The news is huge: after announcing a string of concerts in Europe a few weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen finally revealed his tour plans in the UK. See Alex for details, the tickets go on sale on July 21.

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Bruce Springsteen announces four dates in the UK for 2023

Bruce Springsteen in concert in Edinburgh, Birmingham and London in 2023

We finally have dates for Bruce Springsteen in the UK! After announcing Europe dates in May, but failing to specify UK concert, the crooner broke the news yesterday: he’s scheduling four concerts in the UK in 2023!

And the venues are big and outdoors! First, the legend will headline BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on May 30. Two weeks later (he’s got other European concerts scheduled in between), he’ll perform in Birmingham on July 16 and headline Villa Park. Finally, he’s already confirmed for the 2023 edition of London’s BST Hyde Park, where he’s got slots on July 6 and 8.

How can you get a ticket? Ask Alex! The tickets go on sale on Thursday, July 21. Hopefully, you can get ready beforehand in order to get your ticket. Set up accounts on various ticket websites, and be ready to scan them all at once on the day the sale opens. Springsteen in the UK is a huge event!

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Bruce Springsteen on tour in North America and Europe in 2023

Next year is a big year for The Boss. On top of coming to the UK, he’s got a solid series of concerts scheduled in Europe and as many at least in North America! The North American tour will run from February to mid-April 2023. After that, Springsteen will head over to Europe with a first concert scheduled in Spain in April.

The tour plans to run until the end of July, with an average rate of 5 concerts a month in various European cities.

All the details for Bruce Springsteen’s 2023 UK dates

Dates and Places

MAY 2023

JUNE 2023

JULY 2023

Prices and Categories

Front Pitch Standing: £161,30
Rear Pitch Standing: £103,70
Seats: £138,25
Seats: £97,95
Seats: £74,90

General Admission: £101,15
Primary Entry: £111,85
Gold Circle: £218,95
Diamond VIP: £359,95

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