Adele releases the music video for single “Oh My God”

Hey, Adele fans ! The singer is back with a new single, “Oh My God”, and a supporting music video. And it is very different from Easy on Me ! Alex gives you all the details in this article.

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Adele releases the music video for single “Oh My God”

Adele : a second single for “30”

Adele is doing incredibly well with her newest record, 30. The singer was highly awaited, after a 6 years break, and she served us well ! The album is beating all the sales records, which was nothing but expected. The first single taken from 30, Easy On Me, was exactly what we expected from the singer too. A piano driven, slow and moody love song. The black and white music video directed by Xavier Dolan helped a lot setting the mood. The music video has been watched more than 224 million times in two months, which is quite a feat in itself ! And we are now greeted by a second music video !

Adele teams up again with Sam Brown for “Oh My God”

After Xavier Dolan, Adele decided to collaborate once again with Sam Brown, who previously directed Rolling in the Deep for the singer. In this new video, still in black and white, multiple iterations of Adele are singing in a stripped-back studio filled with chairs and apples. She wears so delightful designer dresses, looking straight out of the Fashion Week.  Dancers are orchestrating their choreography all around her, adding to the upbeat mood. And indeed, this song is quite an interesting choice.

Compared to Easy on Me, the song is way more soul and dancey. This shows how versatile her music career has gone. We now can’t wait to see what’s next for her ! As Adele is about to start her residency in Vegas, we are still hoping for a few dates announced in the UK. Let’s wait and see !

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