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A musical comedy on the Grunge will soon see the light


A theatre of Seattle, the Seattle Repertory Theatre, has decided to adapt the story of the grunge in a musical comedy. Not sure that Kurt Kobain would agree if he was still alive.

The story of a famous grunge musician

Less than two months after Chris Cornell‘s death, the lead singer of the grunge band Soundgarden, the Seattle Repertory Theatre decided to put on stage the story of Grunge music of the 1990s.  This decision has probably been inspired by the success of the musical show ”Mamma Mia !”. Which took back the most famous songs of the 70’s group ABBA.

This project, which still has no name, will tell the story of a famous grunge musician (guess who this is) and his competitors who want him dead. To help the troop theatre to enter in their role, the Seattle Repertory Theatre calls Janet Billig Rich, the first manager of Nirvana. The person the most qualified to explain how a bunch of groups in the 90s succeed to shove the entire world. Without surprise, we’ll find in this show some of the songs of Nirvana and Soundgarden. The two most famous grunge band, but also some of Smashing Pumpkins and Alice In Chains. We don’t have a release date of this musical comedy for now, but not sure that the grunge’s icons would have appreciated this project. The grunge didn’t have, in effect, much in common with this opportunist and capitalist idea.

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