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Gorillaz and Klaxons members are officially in the studio together


Formed by Gorillaz and Klaxons band members last year, the six-piece Youth Of The Apocalypse are in the studio together recording new music following a number of live appearances last year.

Gorillaz meets Klaxons

Pulling their musical forces together, Youth Of The Apocalypse, the band formed by members of Gorillaz and Klaxons last year, are in the studio. Consisting of Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds, Gorillaz guitarist Jeff Wootton and bassist Seye Adelekan and drummer Jay Sharrock, DJ Twiggy Garcia and New York rapper Young Lazurus, the six-piece played their debut gig in May last year at the Great Escape festival in Brighton.

Talking about the project, Wootton said the following.

We’re taking different backgrounds and cultures and trying to push music forward. It’s a perfect time now with what’s going on in the world and everything else. Me and Jamie have great chemistry together and it’s really magical. It’s very fast. It feels like something’s bubbling.

Posting a photo on Instagram, Jeff Wootton has confirmed that the collaborative bunch are in the studio together captioning it with the words “Rare shit – cant wait for you to hear this. Some of the best ever been involved with”. 

The project is set to be very exciting and we’re expecting to hear a single or two over the coming months. Stay tuned.

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