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LCD Soundsystem share new track “pulse (v.1)


LCD Soundsystem have a great surprise for their fans. While we are still waiting for their album “American Dream” to come out, they have released an exclusive 14-minute track “pulse (v.1)”.

One last surprise before the big reveal

For months now, LCD Soundsystem have been playing with our nerves, teasing their upcoming album “American Dream”. Finally, their long-awaited fourth studio album, the first one in seven years, will come out tomorrow. While we are still anxiously waiting for the big reveal, the band decided to make one last surprise to their fans.

After unveiling the single “tonite” last week, James Murphy and his band share with us a brand new instrumental single called “pulse (v.1)”. This track was totally unexpected, as it does not appear on the tracklist of “American Dream”. This instrumental song starts with soft electronic beats before accelerating into a more rapid pace. Overall, this is a catchy dance track that will keep us waiting until “American Dream” is released.

“It’s been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life, if not the most fun ever ” said James Murphy.




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