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Harry Styles gets deep with his beautiful video “Two Ghosts”


Far from his One Direction days, Harry Styles is blossoming. The young singer is everywhere… At the cinema, on the radio and now, the unveiling of a new song, “Two Ghosts”.

A song for Taylor Swift

Who would have thought it? Ever since the release of his first solo album, Harry Styles has completely given himself up to his fans. There’s something touching about re-discovering the singer who has come so far from his 1D image of a young boy that made girls scream for his smile and floppy hair. With his self-titled album, “Harry Styles”, he gives us a deep and moving record where he really finds himself and his voice. And it works even better live. Harry Styles, who is soon to have a show on BBC, has revealed a live studio version of “Two Ghosts”.

Recorded at the all famous Abbey Road Studios in London, the new song is apparently a commentary on his break-up with Taylor Swift and is part of soon-to-be released documentary, “Harry Styles: Behind the Album”. The film will go behind the scenes of Style’s album production and will additionally feature exclusive interviews with the singer. The documentary will be available exclusively on Apple Music.

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