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“Feel The Love Go”: Franz Ferdinand continue to thrill with new single


Following their explosive first new single since 2013, Franz Ferdinand have returned with “Feel The Love Go” from their upcoming fourth album. 

“Always Ascending” out on 9th February

Featuring on their upcoming “Always Ascending” due to be released next month, Franz Ferdinand have released a second new single. If you haven’t yet listened to their latest releases, the quintet sound like a whole new band with an awesome new sound.

Their signature key elements remain, but the new synth-heavy and sax-embellished track is a huge breath of fresh air from Franz Ferdinand who give us as much a dance track as an indie rock anthem. “Feel The Love Go” sets them apart as a group to keep an eye on this year.

Last week, Franz Ferdinand performed another new song entitled “Paper Cages” on the BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show”. Taking a public dig at fellow guest Theresa May, who had just come under fire in an interview about cuts to health services, drummer Paul Thomson wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the NHS logo. Making the wait for their album release a little more bearable for fans, the group shared a behind the scenes video exploring their creative process in the studio during the making of “Always Ascending” last month.

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