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Evanescence announce upcoming album “Synthesis”


Finally, they are back! It has been six years since their last album, but the metal band will release a new opus”Synthesis” by the end of the year.

It’s about time !

In the 2000s, the band came out strong with hits like “Bring Me To Life”, “Everybody’s Fool “ or “Going Under”. But in 2013, the band decided to make a pause. It has now been six years since the release of their last album. It’s high time they came back.

During an interview, lead singer Amy Lee announced the band’s forthcoming album entitled “Synthesis” that promisses to be slightly different from the others. It will combine orchestra and electronic backing. This new opus will mix songs from all three previous albums, but rearranged in a different manner , as well as two new exclusive tracks. Amy explained that the idea for the album came from listening to old recording sessions and realizing that each music had so many layers that each of them could sound totally different. This new project is a chance for the fans to hear a new version of their favorite songs and rediscover Evanescence’s classic hits. For the band, it is the opportunity to fully exploit their vocal and technical work with new arrangements and to offer a new , upgraded version of their work.

“It’s mostly music from our catalog, all three albums — different songs from our history of doing stuff plus two totally new ones, recorded completely anew in a new way that is very much about symphony orchestra. We just recorded the orchestra, and it sounds so beautiful. It’s very much taking it to the next level musically. But it’s that and all programming. They’re both big elements that have always been a part of our sound, and actually a lot of the origins of Evanescence.

In addition ,they will embark on the “Synthesis world tour”, from October 2017, which promises to be bold and captivating.

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