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Discogs release their most popular records of the year


The vinyl collectors’ favourite website Discogs have release their “Best Of” list for 2017. With just a few weeks left before Christmas, prepare your 33x33cm wrapping paper now. 

Long live Discogs

For music fiends, Discogs is the place to go for your Christmas presents. The website connects record shops and collectors from all over the world and they’ve just released a list of their most popular records of the year.

The vinyls that everyone always want. No surprises here. Even after forty years, Pink Floyd still comes up trumps with “The Dark Side Of The Moon”. The same goes for David Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. Two iconic and classic albums that vinyl collectors the world over either already have on their shelves or are looking to buy.

The most searched-for vinyls. Released this year, The National’s seventh album, “Sleep Well Beast” came out on top as Discogs’ most popular search. Receiving universal acclaim across the board, if you haven’t already heard the album, it’s a must-listen. It’s also one to avoid giving to your little sister if she’s just gone through a break-up.

Cassette tape is the way forward. Maybe you’ve got someone to buy for this Christmas who is still living in the 1990s. Have no fear, Discogs is here with all the best recommendations. On the top of the most popular cassettes of this year is Big Thief and his most recent album “Capacity”.

Bonus round. Aren’t we all getting a sick of Mariah Carey blasting out of every speaker 24/7 over the festive period? Treat yourself to something different. Sia has just released a Christmas album and Discogs also recommends James Brown’s Christmas covers.

You can never go wrong giving a musical present, choose wisely and enjoy giving!

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