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Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are installed onto your computer or mobile devices when you visit websites.

We use cookies in order to make it easier to use our websites and make your purchases. Cookies also allow us to improve the browsing on our websites and better understand how you use them.

Our Cookie Policy

We use Cookies for the following:

  • Remembering your login details
  • Recognising you when login to our websites
  • Gathering information meaning we can better adapt our adverts to your interests
  • Remembering browser settings such as your chosen language, text size, page layout and preferred. This allows you to browse our website easier and faster.
  • Collecting analytical information. For example, counting the number of visitors on our websites and identifying which pages you visit the most. We use the analytical data we collect in our marketing and resource planning.
  • Determining whether our customers and site visitors easily adapt to changes we make to our websites.

Information collected by cookies

Cookies allow us to gather information on the way in which you use our website, but we do not keep any details which would personally identify you in the data provided by the cookies. We only save a unique session ID which helps us to find a user profile as well as retrieve your preferences for your next visit.

Types of cookies

  • Session Cookies: these are cookies that are temporarily saved on your computer or mobile devices for as long as you are on a website. They are deleted from your computer or mobile devices when the session has finished.
  • Persistent Cookies (or tracking cookies): these cookies remain active on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time. This means we are able to recognise you whenever you access the website.

Managing cookies

On most browsers, you will be able to manage your cookies by changing and configuring your settings. In general, you will be given the possibility to:

  • Display your cookies;
  • Allow cookies;
  • Disable all cookies or choose specific cookies to disable;
  • Disable all cookies when you close your browser;
  • Block cookies;
  • Receive a notification when you receive a cookie.

Please note that if you choose to block our cookies, a number of the website’s functions will be disabled (registration, posting a comment, all other interactions), and your browser is likely to be affected by this. If you change browser settings to delete cookies, your browser preferences will be deleted when you close the browser.

Please note that unless you have adjusted your browser settings to block cookies, our system will send cookies as soon as you access one of our websites.