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Cher returns with “Ooga Boo”: a psychedelic trip for Netflix’s new animated show


Cher is back with a surprising new song accompanied by a psychedelic clip. This song is the theme tune for Netflix’s new animated show: “Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh”.

New Netflix show’s soundtrack

Cher is making her great return but not exactly in the way expected. The 71 year old singer’s new song “Ooga Boo” is a really surprising electro-pop song, taken from the soundtrack of Netflix’s new animated children’s television show “Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh”. The new song also comes with a music video, a psychedelic animated clip which introduces us to the show’s main characters.

In this video, we meet a glamorous diva alien called Chercophonie who floats around in outer space with two others characters, Tip and Oh. These are the main characters of the Netflix spin-off based on Dreamwork’s film “Home”.

Despite the song being for a children’s television show, the track’s lyrics address the subjects of empowerment and self-love and the electro-pop feel to the song really comes through well.

It looks like this year marks Cher’s great comeback. In May, she was awarded an Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards and she recently announced a Broadway musical based on her life for 2018.

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