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You can now listen to the mixtape NASA sent into space


Sounds from nature, traffic noise, traditional ceremonial songs. You can find it all on NASA’s mixtape that was sent into space in 1977 and it’s now available to purchase.

Represents human diversity

In 1977, NASA sent a mixtape into space which was a compilation of different songs and sounds from cultures from all over the world. The goal was that if alien life exists, it would show them the diversity of our world. In total, NASA created only 12 copies, but only two of them are in space floating in the interstellar vacuum billions of miles away from us.

According to NASA, that project, named Voyager Golden Record was:

A phonographic record, a 12-inch gold plated copper record containing sounds and pictures chosen to best represent the diversity of life and culture on Earth.

A mixtape composed of Earth’s sounds and noises and translated into 55 languages, representing Earth’s culture in order to communicate with aliens (if they exist).

Now, the NASA has decided to unveil the mixtape allowing us to listen to it. Thousand of copies are being created and available to buy for £75A extract of the mixtape is already available on streaming platforms. Let yourself travel far, far away. 

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