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Britney Spears reveals her dream collaborations


Britney Spears is famous for her ups and downs but lately, she seems to have redeemed her image.  Her latest album “Glory”, released last August, was praised by music critics and reflects a new-found balance in the singer’s life.

A new era for Britney?

2017 seems to be the year of change for the popstar. With her new album “Glory” described as “her most involved and engaged record in over a decade”, it looks like the harmony in her personal life has had a constructive influence on her music career. Her impressive tour “Britney Live in Concert”, was advertised as an opportunity for the fans who cannot come to the United States to see one of her shows. It includes a series of concerts in Asia, Philippines and Israel.

Concerning her forthcoming projects, the singer revealed in an interview for the OSEN media, which singers she could see herself collaborate with in the future. Among them, she mentioned Shakira, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. How exciting for all her fans! If one of these hypothetical collaborations were to come true, we can easily imagine the response it would generate from her fans. For the International Women’s Day, Britney Spears also expressed her kindness and admiration for Beyoncé and Rihanna on her Twitter feed. All the more reason to hope for a collaboration with them!

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