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Spotify’s new feature makes a playlist of your throwback hits


Streaming giant Spotify has introduced a new feature that curates a playlist based on your teenage music taste. 

A reminder of the good old times

Available to any user over 16 years old, Spotify’s new “Time Capsule” feature creates a personalised playlist that takes you back to all your favourite throwback hits. If this year’s music has got your Spotify playlists spinning out of time, take yourself back to your teenage years.

Based on your date of birth, existing Spotify playlists and the hits of your adolescence, your “Time Capsule” playlist will get you dancing like you used to and belting the likes of Nickelback, Blink 182 and Destiny’s Child in the shower. Spotify’s tag line: “We made you a personalised playlist with songs to take you back in time.” 

Feedback on the new feature seems to vary between the “this is SO spot on” and the “omg, how does Spotify KNOW” to “a reminder of my lame teenage taste in music”. Supposedly, the playlist is created out of an algorithm which determines the probability that you would have heard the song at the time. The streaming platform has once again proven to be master of all things trending picking up on our generation’s love of nostalgic music.

So go on, take your Time Capsule for a spin… Search “Time Capsule” in the search bar of your Spotify homepage.


Spotify Time Capsule

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