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This app lets you see your favourite musicians wherever you want


A new app developed by an Irish start-up uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring concerts to your living room. Still in development, users are able to have musicians, in miniature form, playing right in front of them.

“Augmented gigs will never replace going to a gig”

Music is certainly a rich category as any to bring AR into. Imagine, an artist could play thousands of venues at once, anywhere in the world, without navigating a tour bus or even unpacking a drum kit. It’s exactly what Firstage are in the midst of creating.

Currently in beta but available to download, Firstage’s app lets musicians play a kind of mini-gig in AR. The company’s team have spent time recording artists in front of a green screen and all fans have to do is download the app, print out the “stage” and hold the smartphone up to it. Hey presto, you’ve got your favourite band playing on your coffee table.

Firstage co-founder Neil Harrison stipulated that the app isn’t a replacement but rather represents another source of potential revenue in a challenging time in the music industry.

Our mission is to bring down the barriers that touring presents, to allow bands to still give a personal performance to the fan through immersive augmented gigs. Augmented gigs will never replace going to a gig. It supports tours and festivals by giving fans the chance to see artists before and after or even if they can’t get to the gig.

The team have also been testing features such as streaming bands playing live at a specific time so fans can buy “virtual tickets” and are also exploring a live feed that would allow fans to interact with bands and vice versa. The founders, who are musicians themselves, have certainly hit on a golden idea.

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