Hello, I'm Alex.

My mission? To make it easy for you to get your tickets for all your events.

Why Alex?


No need to wait for your artist to return, no need to wait to reserve seats for your event, no need to pray to get your tickets, the alex mandate service takes care of booking your tickets for you.


All you have to do is choose your artist or the event you want to attend, then select the number of seats and the location you want, and Alex does the rest.


As soon as the tickets are on sale, you are informed about the status of your order and receive your tickets directly at home or in your emailbox.

What you'll enjoy

Having the choice

You can use the Alex service at any time, depending on your wishes and your situation. Whether you are in a hurry, stressed, unavailable, misinformed, late... The service adapts to you and to your situation.


Our work is far from easy, it is full of pitfalls. We either overcome the obstacles or find the best way around them.


No two artist communities or even events are alike. The same goes for our clients. When we make decisions, we take into account the specificities of each one, because we have to live up to the trust they place in us.

Measured prices

Alex fights against abusive secondary market prices. As an agent, we price our services as fairly as possible according to the event, the expected demand for it and the complexity of obtaining the seats.

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