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A mesmerizing video clip for Anna Calvi’s « Hunter » track


A few days before her « Hunter » album’s release, Anna Calvi shared us the bewitching video clip of the album’s title track. A work that says a lot about what awaits us with this upcoming record. 

A blend of curiosity and sensuality

With a very good acting, the video features a woman and a man who are singly exploring their body and pleasuring themselves. To resume the name of the song, we can say that both are hunting their own pleasure by themselves. It was brillantly directed by Matt Lambert, whose work is always led by the desire to convey a kind of celebration of self-love. A perfect match with Calvi’s universe ! And the artist seems to be overjoyed by the result, as she said : « I was so moved by their performance, it feels so honest, and true. I wanted simplicity, I wanted something quietly brave, and quietly defiant. I wanted true intimacy. And I really feel Matt’s video has captured that. » If you haven’t seen it yet then go take a look, it’s worth it ! 

A new album by a new person

If we can still recognise her specific signature, today Anna Calvi seems to be another person. Probably because this third album marks the beginning of something new for her : she started to work on it after ended an eight-years relationship and beginning a new one. About that, she says this person drove her to think about the notions of pleasure, gender and sexuality, and finally taught her to know herself better. It’s in this self-discovery mind that she has found inspiration, and decided to compose pieces of music to share her thoughts. Besides, she wrote a manifesto to clearly explain how she feels and what she aims to do with this work. « This is a queer record – it’s about fighting against feeling an outsider and trying to find a place that feels like home ». Waiting for the album.

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