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“2018, I’m coming!”: Don’t miss Madonna’s upcoming tour announcement


This is the kind of news we love telling you about. With a new album in the works for this year, Madonna might just have another musical surprise for us. We have strong reason to believe she’ll be announcing tour dates very soon. If you’re in a hurry to confirm the date in your diary, head over to Next Concert now. If you’ve got a few persisting doubts about it all, let us take you through everything we know. 

It’s been almost 3 years since her last tour. In December, the international superstar confirmed she has big plans for 2018 with new music expected alongside a brand new show which she’s been working on whilst living in Portugal. It’s highly likely that the queen of the stage will be releasing tour dates as any well-informed fan knows: when there’s an album, there’s a tour.

Madonna’s last tour was the epic 2015-2016 “Rebel Heart Tour” which saw her perform a total of 82 concerts across four continents.

  • 82 sell-out concerts
  • 4 dates in the UK including 2 London dates
  • Saturated primary ticket platforms (endless online queues, websites crashing)
  • Tickets appearing on the black market seconds after the event is “sold-out”
  • Over 1.05 million fans’ dreams came true and thousands missed out due to ticketing frustrations

After four dates in the UK on her previous tour, it’s very likely Madonna will seek to replicate the same success this time around with a similar touring schedule. And this time, the power is in your hands.

If you’re the “anything is possible” adventurous type who managed to get tickets back in 2015 for Madonna, go for it. We wish you the best of luck with the obstacle course of your life.

However, if you’d rather not play with fire and miss out on seeing “Like A Virgin” live, we’ve got a plan. Let Next Concert do it for you. So that you don’t spend hours hunched over your computer crying after you empty your bank account onto ticket resale platforms only to find out your tickets are for two seats in the back row behind a column, entrust them with securing your concert tickets. That way, you bypass all the classic ticketing frustrations and get to go to your dream concert. It’s really as simple as that.

See you at the concert! We’ll be in the front row, will you be?

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