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The 15th album of Public Enemy free until tomorrow


With a date release for the 4th of July we have been unexpectedly surprised by the coming out of the 15th album of Public Enemy “Nothing is Quick on the Desert” which has finally been published the 29th of June by surprise. 

Nothing is too quick for the music industry

The New Yorker group celebrates its 30 years of carrier by releasing unexpectedly their 15th album. A gift the fans appreciate a lot! Another unexpected gift: the fans will be able to listen to the album and download it freely until the 4th of July at midnight for the Independence Day. The group writes on their Bandcamp page:

After thirty years, 106 tours accross 105 countries and a lot of albums, THANK YOU! This one is for Public Enemy. Go and get it while its still free.

The album is composed by thirteen tracks most of them in honor of the hip hop style that they have accomplished through the years and we will see as well featuring with other singers such as Ice-T or PMD, Easy Mo Bee, Sammy Vegas, Solé. Otherwise we will encounter old producers as Professor Griff and Dj Lord who will contribute to a mix of generations. An album easy and pleasant to listen to its incisive lyrics about the music industry and classic rhythms of hip hop that will make move your body.

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